1. I don't do tutorials anymore.

2. I rarely update my blog due to my health condition.

Thanks for your concern :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tiru macam dia

tadi i baca blog sharel. dia buat benda alah ni then i tengok la. looks fun. so i decided to make one :)
so u guys can ask me like thousands of questions. PLEASE DO SO THANKS :)

p/s: ignore the url. i have no idea. the real idea was hudhud, only HUDHUD but unfortunately it was taken. at first i think of gorgeous haha.

when girls get bored

ok so i've list down all things that i want during this 2010. i don't care if i get it myself, someone giving it to me or i get it for free or WHATEVER, i just want this whole bloody things.

1. suzuki swift. ok this is my new addiction. maybe sebab bestfriend i athina using this car, it makes me feel 'OH SHIT I WANT THIS CAR !'

2. call me ketinggalan zaman or whatever u like, but i still want canon dslr.

3. the hell new apartment ! PLEASE I'M BEGGING DADDY FOR THIS, haha.

4. driving lisence. oh this one i'm waiting for MR BF to get his salary coz we plan to do it together. SOON ! :)

ah, surprisingly that's all things that i wanted.

*yes i want this, yellow color :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


20 jan hari tu after class i hangout dengan dira, one of VERGY friend :) ni first meet ok tu pun we met coincidentally because at first i decided to find a jeans at pavilion, alone. then masa i tengah makan kat avenue K, she called me and said that she's at KLCC too. and actually she's running away from her friends, sebab tak nak tengok movies. haha pelik pelik je :)

suddenly dia tanya i whether i kenal raz or no. of course la i kenal kan and i said to her almost every girls in VERGY kenal raz. haha. rupanya dia ni adik angkat raz. what a small world. then i called la Raz ajak lepak sekali. about 4 pm mcm tu dia datang lepak with us but not so long sebab dira kena balik awal and i pun nak balik around 6 pm macam tu. Raz and Dira just sempat temankan i makan and shopping kat topshop kejap je.

Best, sebab dah lama tak hangout dengan kawan kawan :) Raz dengan Dira dua dua masuk air, memang bagus la tu abang and adik haha :))

*ok we did not plan to wear a same color shirt. DID NOT.

*beautiful dyra :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

new, again

sorry guys for keep making new blog. it just i'm sick with the previous one. like one of my good friend said, dapat bersih kan segala kekotoran kat blog lama. haha. WHATEVER lah kan. so this blog will probably look alike my private diary or journal. more about myself and my opinion about all things that happen around me. for new followers, enjoy :)
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