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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

when girls get bored

ok so i've list down all things that i want during this 2010. i don't care if i get it myself, someone giving it to me or i get it for free or WHATEVER, i just want this whole bloody things.

1. suzuki swift. ok this is my new addiction. maybe sebab bestfriend i athina using this car, it makes me feel 'OH SHIT I WANT THIS CAR !'

2. call me ketinggalan zaman or whatever u like, but i still want canon dslr.

3. the hell new apartment ! PLEASE I'M BEGGING DADDY FOR THIS, haha.

4. driving lisence. oh this one i'm waiting for MR BF to get his salary coz we plan to do it together. SOON ! :)

ah, surprisingly that's all things that i wanted.

*yes i want this, yellow color :)

4 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

Sheera Razak said... REPLY

I love the blue one. lagi lawa weh hahaha

hudhud said... REPLY

no no yellow lagi menarik perhatian haha

atheena said... REPLY

wow...gud taste yo...yellow mmg HOT.

hudhud said... REPLY

taw takpeeee:)

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