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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a great day with bestfriend and boyfriend

oh tidak i benci gila entry ni. HAHA. sebab apa? sebab kitorang tak snap snap pic pun. sebab apa? sebab athina busy repair handphone dia. then sebab apa lagi? sebab dah tak sempat athina have to go back early nanti mak dia marah. hehe :)) but it's really a great day ! :D

athina pick us up kat chako's house petang tu. then we headed to lrt setiawangsa. from there we used lrt instead of driving to the klcc. hehe. sampai je klcc terus jalan sampai low yat. penat doeee. tapi takpe, dua orang paling best ada. haha. then sampai sampai athina terus repair iphone dia. me and chako just looking around other phone, sebab i plan nak trade in. then i tanya la one chinese guy ni, how much if i nak trade in my phone. remember my phone yang w705 tu? then u know what he said? only rm600 ! wtf man, i beli ori rm1009 ok! haha terus tak jadi doee.

after that lepak kat coffee house, makan makan. supposed be her iphone siap within 30 minutes je but then she have to wait for few more days. so kitorang terus balik je la. boring sangat entry ni sebab takde gambar kan?? argh..

but nevermind. athina dah promise nak bawak g10 dia if we lepak together again after this. and i'm glad those two important person in my life ni boleh get along :) HAPPY DAY

4 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

D.O.N.U.T said... REPLY

beshnye jln2..

npe tkar blog..

hudhud said... REPLY

saje :))

atheena said... REPLY

uhuhu....sowwi babe!! nnt next time we snap pix k?btw,thx taw teman meeee.....

hudhud said... REPLY

haha okayy :)

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