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Thursday, March 4, 2010

blufish, i love you.

ok kali ni i nak buat 3 entries at one time. all because of blufish. i found all this on her blog. hehe ♥

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Chubby Chicks.

1. We have curves, and damnit, curves are sexy. We for the most part have really nice boobs/asses, and we all know how you boys like those.

2. We like to eat. Not saying we aren’t health conscious, but we do love to eat. This means that we can hang out with your buddies and keep up with you drinking (No, “Oh, I’m so drunk!” After one beer). Hell yes we will go get tacos with you at 1AM. Most of us really love to cook, and can cook really well because of our love of food. We love to try eating new things, we love trying to cook new things. This means more great food for you, boys!

3. Because we have not had to rely on our quintessential “Barbie looks” we are generally much more caring individualistic people. We also have had to strive much harder in life and are intelligent and hard working.

4. This also means that we are less likely to be stuck-up and we don’t judge people nearly as much based solely on their looks. We love nice things just like any girl, but we don’t have to parade around with a Prada bag and vanilla latte.

5. We are more self conscious. This of course can be a bad thing, but this can also be used to the male advantage. Because of this, we are more likely to be cleaner, better smelling individuals. We take more time to do these things, and we also know how to better accesorize, apply makeup better and look damn good.

6. We appreciate you more, because we know how awesome you are for being one of those guys who doesn’t care that his girlfriend is a size two. We recognize how wicked cool you are for loving us for us and not our body type.

7. We do better at child bearing. Yeah I know, you aren’t really thinking about that now, but with our kick ass wider hips we carry them babies like a boss.

8. We are perfectly fine staying home some nights and having movie marathons/ ice cream eating pigouts.

9. Have you seen our cleavage? It’s epic.

10. Because we are beautiful, inspiring individuals damn it.

*i love num six* :)

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