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2. I rarely update my blog due to my health condition.

Thanks for your concern :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 16 - Another picture of yourself

Yihaaaa, my latest picture ! I'm gaining weight kannnn ? I am. Haha. Told ya bila I kat KL je mesti I banyak makan. Sebab kat Ipoh, my mom won't let me eat after midnight. padahal kat KL, mostly, mesti I having my meal after midnight LOL. Sorry mom :P

Well, life I, nothing happened actually. I demam, again. And migrain lagi. And MC lagi. So duduk rumah and just rest. Need to fill up my self with a little bit joy. So maybe I nak keluar makan the new Pizza with my sister. Planning nak pergi mandi sungai with Chako and his friends but tak tau la jadi ke tak since I demam kan.

Then, my nuffnang. Yeah by end of this month I nak cashout dah. Tapi BE yang paling banyak earning tu dia tak nak jadi metered pulak. Aghh bengang tau. Hopefully by December I dah dapat duit tu. Boleh la shopping sikit, holiday sikit and, buat rambut ! hehe.

Lots of new pictures coming soon. Tak sempat nak edit lagi. So, till then, xoxo

3 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

Chybee said... REPLY

bestnye dh nk cash out nuff. hehehe...mine still xbyk. hopefully cukup byk for my day early march nnt :D

alin said... REPLY

wow! belanja aku sepasang jimmy choo:D

fatin shahar :) said... REPLY

hehee...sume orang sebok pasal BE..
dulu i punye blog jangan harap nak ada BE >.>
tetibe haritu check ada 2 BE..ok la kot dari takde..HAHAHA

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