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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you miss them ?

I seriously miss them !!!

The best Indonesian band ever !

8 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

lassiegewdix said... REPLY

yayayaya !
lagu sebuah kisah klasik untuk mase depan .
bessh wooo :)

Rara Nasiha said... REPLY

miss lagu mungkin nanti. :)

ken said... REPLY

miss them? are they disbanded? or not coming up with songs?

hudhud said... REPLY

@lassiegewdix yah syg, u tau lagu tu ye !! hehe

hudhud said... REPLY

@Rara Nasiha itu peterpan la syg oi hehe

hudhud said... REPLY

@ken indonesian band. maybe coming up wth a new songs in Indonesia but we Malaysian fans didnt notice tt. huhu

Nur Fatin Nabila Zeeyan said... REPLY

hudhud minat s07? i memang fanatik gila dengan diaorang. semua lagu best kan :)

hudhud said... REPLY

@Nur Fatin Nabila Zeeyan yeah i fanatik nk mampos haha :P

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