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Friday, October 8, 2010

My blog still look messy isn't it ?

I've made a few changes to my blog. Which is, still, I think it looks super messy.

1. Change header again. I love the header.
2. Change the background color. Do you think it suits the header ?
3. I tambah 2 ruangan on sidebar. Google search and also recent post slider. Kalau you guys nak cari apa-apa kat blog I, just masuk kan keyword di google search tu. Senang je.
4. I letak 2 posts je per page now. Rajin-rajin la tekan older posts ye. Hehe

But still, look messy to me ! I pening la. Ada siapa-siapa nak offer buat page I ? Haha.

confuse T____T

26 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

naz said... REPLY

muka paling ekspresi dari u setakat ni haha

hudhud said... REPLY

@naz haha jahattt :P

cik aiLebiu said... REPLY

eh mcm sama je kita..i dah muak tgk blog sendiri..nk ubah ini itu malas la plak...huhu..

lassiegewdix said... REPLY

background cm taks sesuai kowt dear .
bley penin mate i .
heee T___T

♥ Roshazzy Shag ♥ said... REPLY

Huda. Tak messy pun lah! But sakit mata +.+ Too striking dow pink ni. Maybe pink yg utk comment box ni? Just a suggestion from me ;)

hudhud said... REPLY

@cik aiLebiu haha mslhnya i rajin. tp bila tk jadi tu punah sume haha

hudhud said... REPLY

@lassiegewdix haha ok i tukar

hudhud said... REPLY

@♥ Roshazzy Shag ♥ hah au pun sama cm lassie. wts wrong with you guys punya mata ? ekekek :P

Annyss said... REPLY

haha header tu sgt cekci
btw layout skrg ni cun :D

lily lotus said... REPLY

sis, feel like seems to be ok jer :) maybe sebab i pencinta pink kot..hihi

HiGHNeSS FiQ said... REPLY

ehh.. ok je background kaler hitam nih~ hehe

wannurfazrini said... REPLY

header lawaaa gila ok T__T

sueRAFE said... REPLY

i suka header !!

hudhud said... REPLY

@Annyss hee thanks :)

hudhud said... REPLY

@lily lotus yah combination of pink and blank, thats our rock princess. haha apakah :P

hudhud said... REPLY

@wannurfazrini heee tq !!

hudhud said... REPLY

@sueRAFE tqsm :)

Encik Psychopath said... REPLY

header da cun. tolong buad. hihihi

adrinaqamarina said... REPLY

muka tu nampak messy tapi cun lah~. haha.

sebabkan i tak suka sangat kaler gelak untuk blog, so lebey prefer yang b4 ne :D

hudhud said... REPLY

@Encik Psychopath hehe nk buat cmne ? :P

hudhud said... REPLY

@adrinaqamarina kaler gelak ke gelap ? hihihi

♥ Roshazzy Shag ♥ said... REPLY

Okay. Now, ure blog looks GREAT!! A cobination of Red, Pink, Black and White! Kiki. Nice ;)

Header paling tak tahan. Sexy meh!

adrinaqamarina said... REPLY

oke. kaler gelap *malu malu malu

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