1. I don't do tutorials anymore.

2. I rarely update my blog due to my health condition.

Thanks for your concern :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

For ; Nokia 5730 users

I need your opinion towards that phone. How was it compare to E71 ?
I'm thinking of swapping my E71 with another phone. 
Thinking of Blackberry but E72 seems nice too.
So yeah , help me !
What I need are good camera , beautiful pictures and Wifi.
Help me yeah by giving your opinion

2 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

♥ Roshazzy Shag ♥ said... REPLY

dude. aku dgr bb tak elok for ur health. my mum mmg tak kasi ktorg beli bb. so, i recommend E72! hehe ;)

hudhud said... REPLY

@♥ Roshazzy Shag ♥ hah yeke ? haha ok ok :D

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