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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 life !

So this is the last task. Phew. Kalau boleh I nak lagi banyak task. Nak tunjuk how much I want this iPhone 4 ! hehe. So here's my picture ;

Yeahhh ! iPhone 4 is my new boyfriend. Addiction, level of love, semua sama ! Hehe. God knows how bad i want the iPhone 4. With iPhone 4 I tak perlu nak bawak camera besar dan berat sebab camera iPhone je dah cun meletop ! Dengan kemudahan internet yang efficient, it's easier for me to complete my day since I love the internet ! Tak ada internet sehari rasa macam forever alone. Haha.

So i'm done with all task ! Hopefully Digi and Nuffnang will choose me . Let my dream to become a great musician and singer become true . And yeah , good luck for other contestants too :D

Digi , always the smartest choice.
And Nuffnang ? Hoi hoi siapa tak sayang Nuffnang ? Tiap-tiap bulan bagi I duit. Dah macam parents I . Hehe. Nuffnang too :D

6 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

adrinaqamarina said... REPLY

yeayh! iphone is my new bf :D

bspotgurl said... REPLY

wah wah..bestnyeee

.: miZzana :. said... REPLY

gudluck babe. ;)

Marya Hana . said... REPLY

gudluck :)

bersunggoh2 2 yg kite mao..

HiGHNeSS FiQ said... REPLY

gud luck!!
kalo hudhud menang, bleh r ckp kat member, yg mng iphone tu membe blog ak r..hehe..

btw, "semangatt" tu penting!!!

Nabiel said... REPLY


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