1. I don't do tutorials anymore.

2. I rarely update my blog due to my health condition.

Thanks for your concern :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


hello cicakman.
Happy 6th month anniversary.
Nanti I balik, kita makan sedap sedap lagi eh.
Eh silap, u je makan sedap. I kena makan cover, on diet kan. Hehe
I you, forever and just you.
I pray everyday, hopefully our relationship will never end. AMIN :)

I texted him somewhere around 11 pm - 12 am. But then as usual, not delivered, battery flat lah ni. Then I got a message from him; 

aww i miss you even more sweetie !

p/s : I'm moving out from my house in Bangsar, soon ! Got another house, in Bangsar too ! And have swimming pool ! Yahoo ! :P

2 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

♥ sureen chew ♥ said... REPLY

aww..he is so sweet~:)
bahagia2 selalu yerr~

hudhud said... REPLY

hehe ni kadang2 je sweet ni :P ok thnks babe :)

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