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Saturday, May 15, 2010

entry geli geli

dear love,
God knows how much I love you
And how much I try to take care of our relationship.
It's hard kan? From the beginning.
Thank God, it still remain ok. Though we fight sometimes.
Though I have to mengalah sometimes.
But you're the one who accept me and understand me after all.
I don't care if you wanna flirt with 100 girls, as long as your heart still with me.
You remember the second time you ask me to be yours?
You set a candlelight dinner.
And you borrowed my lappie just to play that Jason Mraz's song.
I remember when you said 'You dengar tak dia cakap apa tu?'
Then I said 'Apa?'
Then you replied 'I'm yours'
Isn't that sweet? Yah, I'm yours, forever.

You remember the time we fight?
I'm sorry to threw bad words to you.
I was too mad. But now we decided, not to fight again because another girl.
You remember when we're lying together, watching the stars?
And we shared every moment in our life. Our childhood memories.
That was the time you understand me the most, and same goes to me.
As the relationship grow older, I realized we become more matured to handle every problems.
One of my friend, Myka, said ;
If dalam relationship tu banyak sangat masalah,
one day, mesti ada bahagia.
And I know, in thousands sadness that God gave us,
there's always one happiness.
So baby, I pray for our relationship, always.
I miss you, and I love you maybe more than you are.
From your lover, Huda

p/s : kan dah cakap tadi, ni entry geli geli. Hehe

2 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

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