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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

So, kita mulakan dengan 30 Days of Challenge !

A recent picture of myself. Fresh ni, baru tadi ambik. Guna webcam yang sangat bad quality. So I have to grayscale the picture. Take a look ;

Ok, let's comment about this pic. Tak suruh pun, saja I suka-suka tak boleh? haha. Ok, I know, makin tembam. And there's someone dekat Formspring kept on complaining yang kenapa I asyik pouting je. Sebab nampak macam orang tua. I know ! Pout I dah tak hot macam dulu. Sobbss. So, ni gambar I senyum. Suka tak? Haha LOL.

And then, 15 interesting facts about myself

1. I hate to stay focus on something for too long. Maximum, 1 hour. Except, changing blogspot layout. This one is my all time favorite. haha

2. I love babies.

3. I am ready to become someone's wife and mother right now. Even though I'm very bad at cooking. Nemind, Chako can cook very well. Hahaha

4. I'm not creative at all. I can't mix and match my attires. And I don't know what colors suit each other.

5. English and Mathematics are my favorite subjects back to school.

6. I'm brilliant and at the same time, lazy fat ass. LOL

7. I can't eat too many oily food at the same time. Example ; eating too many cucur udang.

8. I don't know why, but seriously, I love Chako too much. Cehhh :P

9. I can speak English very well. If you ask me to read a text la kan ! Real life, grammatical error sana sini !

10. I tak suka lipat kain and sidai baju. But I love rearranging the furniture. Haha weirdooo :P

11. I love to see beautiful girls. Not that I'm a lesbo, but I just think that how can I be like them. Especially beautiful girls with hijab.

12. I love to see myself in front of the mirror. Don't give me a weird face when you heard 'I ni cantik jugak kan?' from me. I became cepat perasan in front of the mirror. Haha

13. Ok, fat girls usually shy in front of people right. But I don't know what's the matter with me, I always felt like I'm a hot girl in front of bunch of boys. Even though I know clearly that I'm not. Haha. Can we have that confidence? :P

14. I love heels. But please, I don't wear it to the mall. And fuck for those who went shopping wearing high heels ! You're killing yourself babe ! Fashion victim -.-

15. I trust myself more than anyone trust themselves. When I say I can do this, it means success. When I say I can't do this, it means failure. Well, works everytime. So if you wanna ask me to do something that I felt like I don't have much confident on that, please increase my confidence level ! LOL.
Ok, enuff. Penat I. Faham tak? I guna simple English and if ada banyak sangat grammatical errors, sorry ! I memang weak at it. Huhu. So, I've done mine, what's yours?

3 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

sureen chew said... REPLY

wahh...that's make me knw about you even more~ :)

sueRAFE said... REPLY

i suka pic nieh :)

Blufish said... REPLY

cantik huda <3

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