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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paramore live in Malaysia - CONFIRMED !

Yaw guyss. Still remember about my previous entry ? Rumors pasal Paramore nak datang Malaysia. Well tell you what, emang confirm dah Paramore nak datang ! Wehuuuu.

Tapi ticket dia memang sumpah mahal. Kena start saving dari sekarang. Huhu

So the date of this event will be on 19th October , doors open at 7pm and show starts at 8.30 pm. 
Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. 

Ni layout seat ;

And this is the price ;

Early bird meaning for those yang beli ticket form 1st September to 15th September.

Tiket boleh didapati secara online dari , & from 1st September 2010.

Paramore , wait for me ! :D

P/S : Credit to and for all the information.

5 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

Aina Zamsari said... REPLY

wahwah thanks hud . sebab informed pasal nie . god i minat gila paramore , tapi .. ticket dia mahal gila ohh . hmm .

♥ Roshazzy Shag ♥ said... REPLY

wow. thanks dude! :D

shima said... REPLY

shit!i want the red zone, but think twice, actually not twice! think ber'twice twice' kot.haha.

Azreena si gigi rare said... REPLY

thanks hudd. iloveyou lah mcm i iloveparamore!! haha

is it okay kalau i letak link blog u kat blog i untuk this information?

hudhud said... REPLY

@Azreena si gigi rare eh info ni pun I ambik dari dua blog tu so u better link kan 2 blog tu hehe :)

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