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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to use Twitter and have fun with it !

Ok so for today's lesson, I will teach you on how to use Twitter, have fun with your friends and favorite artist and of course, you still can have your privacy !

So let's start with the basic. All you need to do is just open Twitter website, sign up and start to follow others !

1. How to follow people
- Easy. Just go to that person's Twitter. There's a follow button on below of his/her profile picture. Just click it. And when the button change to 'following', that means you already followed that person ! Simple aite?

2. How to reply.
- When someone post a tweet that really turn you on, and you felt like you want to reply the tweet maybe to share some opinions, you'll always have to you use the 'reply' button on that person's tweet. And then type out your words on the reply box.

3. How to retweet.
- If you love someone tweet and you felt like to share it with others, u can just simply click the 'retweet' button at that person's tweet.

4. How to retweet and reply at the same time.
- I love doing this. So that the person know which tweet that I replied on. Haha. You know sometimes when we posted too much tweet then people are started to reply on it, we can just get too confuse. So the easiest way to to this is first, copy the whole tweet of that person, paste it on the reply box. Then, type out our reply, put RT and put '@' symbol after that person's name. Ok, blur? Let see this picture below.

5. Twitlonger.
- Too bad you have a words limitation in Twitter. That's why they created Twitlonger, for when you talk too much on Twitter. Just click HERE to the site. Sign in with twitter account, than you can post your long tweet here. Also your long reply :)

6. Twitpic.
- This is when you wanna share a picture on Twitter. Just go to this SITE, login with Twitter account and upload a photo. Don't forget to type out your message. Soon a link to twitpic will appear on your tweet on Twitter :)

Twitter is fun when you have your friends. I mean a lot of friends in there ! Now, not so many people use Twitter because they think Twitter is bored. No pictures and cannot talk much. Hey , who says ?

P/S : Do add me on my Twitter ! :D

7 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

Anonymous said... REPLY

i ada twiter tp x reti pakai. N password pn dah lupe. Gagaga

miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said... REPLY

saye aktif di twitter. tapi aktif suam2 kuku MIAHAHAHA.

naz said... REPLY

orang popular je ada twitter ni hahaha oppsss

sureen chew said... REPLY

wahhh..okeh~ will try it later~ thanksssss babe~~

eka said... REPLY

love the way u blog !
thx 4 sharing tapi dulu de twitter tp lps 10 MINS , TERUS CANCEL ACC , HAHA !

Liyana Lunia. said... REPLY

HAHA nanti i nak buat entry pasal twitter, i nak link dekat u lah :P

PinQib said... REPLY

i like twitter tp xda orng follow. ada 12 jer.. T-T

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