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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did you notice this unbelievable scenario?

When Myspace is not an addiction anymore ;

1. People has stop putting their community's name behind their name. Example like me; HUDA VGY. But I still put it coz I love my community even tho we've slow down our activity. Hehe

2. There's no more gathering or loitering outside of the Pavilion. No more showing your stupid face on the entrance of the Pavilion. NO MORE, OVER.

3. There's no more words such as ; 'please comment my pictures'.

4. After snapped some pictures, there's no more words like 'I'm gonna put this on Myspace'. Somehow it changed to 'I wanna put it on Facebook, or, blog'.

5. There's no more photoshop pictures. Well, there's a lil bit. But most of them just snap, and upload. No more edit here & there. 

P/S : What more? Tell me :)

10 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

Ichako said... REPLY

Eh aah,setuju! Especially pasal photoshoped pictures tue. Bile kat fb semuanya macam agak skema sikit. huhu

Wan Ahmad Nabil said... REPLY

hahha really loikkkee :D no more tom . mark zuckerberg. :D

Hapiz Rahman said... REPLY

mark zuckerberg adalah yahudi..

jadi guna facebook agak-agak jangan terlalu obses.

lepas aku serius berblog, memang masa FB sudah kurang 70 peratus..

setuju dengan pendapat ko,.,

hudhud said... REPLY

@Ichako yah, no more photoshope pics. hehe

hudhud said... REPLY

@Wan Ahmad Nabil hehe yang kaya dia. kita ni? haha

hudhud said... REPLY

@Hapiz Rahman betul tu, lps serious in blogging, terus kureng fb dah. kalau tk dulu, online je bukak fb dulu

sherah said... REPLY

miss you dear :P

Fiq said... REPLY

jadi game/quiz maniac..

yg best..aku rasa aku jadi lebey jujur. kalau ta ske atau dapat kesan mana2 spy-terus block.
hahaha..dan ta kawan ngn anon.

ta kumpul kawan sampai 10ribu. tade kumpul komen sampai 10 ribu jugak.

ken said... REPLY

i've never used myspace before.. haha.. friendster and facebook only..

p/s: when you tweet the link, just add #planforkenwooi with the update.. so i can track it.. =)

paan said... REPLY

not really.haha

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