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Saturday, July 10, 2010

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 - how to get the tickets?

Hello party people. Cehh. Hehe. Well some of my friends did asked me for the tickets, I mean where to buy it? Can I get it for free. The truth about the tickets to this MTV World Stage live in Malaysia is that, YOU CAN'T BUY IT, YOU HAVE TO WIN IT. Cool kan? But I'm wondering where they got the money to pay the artist. Hollywood artist ok, bukan artis Man Laksa tu. Ha ha ha

Cara untuk dapat kan MTV World Stage tickets !

1. Go to this website ; MTV WORLD STAGE

2. Lihat betul-betul jika terdapat nya icon seperti di bawah ini di atas dan bawah website MTV World Stage ni

ok sila baca sendiri. credit to MTV World Stage website.

3. Tapi adakah icon ini akan datang tiap masa? The answer is, NO ! Jikan anda berada di main page, anda pasti akan dapat lihat ini ;

credit to MTV World Stage website.

Ok, ini adalah duration bila icon-icon tersebut akan muncul di website tersebut. Be alert !

So, kenapa kena pergi MTV World Stage ni? Best ke? Eh, sure la ! Hehe

1. Ticket tak payah bayar, just menang kan je. Answer a simple question than win the tix. Easy kan?

2. Who'll be performing? 
- Bunkface

2. Katy Perry

3. Tokio Hotel

4. And everyone's favorite ! WONDERGIRLS !!!

Dah excited ni ! So bila & di mana & what time???

: Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach (map on website)
: 31st July 2010
: 6 pm !

SEE YOU THERE, PEOPLE ! ♥  *only if I win those tickets. haha*

3 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

♥ shag ♥ said... REPLY

damn! ade tokio hotel! menn. im so adore Bill Kualitz. must win this! fighting!

::aMaD:: said... REPLY

ohh.. i wish to go too!!aaaaaa...

ayaa alyy said... REPLY

aya dh try byk kali kott. xjumpa2 jgk menda alah tuh. haih. sgttt sbr niehh. sgttt sgtt nk pergi !

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