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2. I rarely update my blog due to my health condition.

Thanks for your concern :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

for tumblr, formspring and twitter active users.

Hey guys.

This is just a simple update, or shall I say, announcement.

I'm an active tumblr, formspring and twitter user. And I'm searching for someone yang active on using those 3 social networks to add. Simple, you add me, I add you back.

Reason I did that? Sebab it's really hard to find active tumblr and twitter users. Formspring ramai la jugak. So hope you can add me or follow me on those sites.

Inform me when you dah follow ok? Just comment kat sini. And for the link, tu dekat menu tab ada :D


4 orang rasa saya gemuk tapi hot. aww:

annadzirah said... REPLY

follow me on twitter.
i'm an active user too.

Zurina Majid said... REPLY

heeeyyyy, i da follow u punye tumblr..
twitter belum lagi..
heee ^__^

eqacashperlala said... REPLY

i baru buat tumblr, so tak active sgt2. this is my tumblr, eqacashperlala.tumblr

but im an active twitter. add me at


PinQib said... REPLY

macam macam tmblr. x paham la konsep yer

Sekian. Eh. Ada update la. Jom singgah!

Aku nangis, muntah pening dalam sehari

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